Vonage and VPN Access

I’ve got an issue with my current VoIP service (Vonage) and am looking for a replacement or fix.

I have been using Vonage for several years now, am happy with the service, but as of a few months ago, I have a need to VPN in to my corporate network using a standard MS VPN service. Problem is, that my Vonage router (RT31P2) doesn’t support VPN through the router. I just got off the phone with Vonage support to find out that this router doesn’t in fact support it nor do they have one that does.

First of all, that’s really hard for me to believe they don’t support it through this device. The only option I have is to go from my Cable Modem to another Router, then to my Vonage router. This works great, until I’m on a phone call and decide to download something while on call. Voice quality is terrible with dropped packets.

So, it looks like my days of being a Vonage customer is long gone. Any thoughts on this? Curious as as to what others would recommend for a VoIP service.

Thanks in advance!

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