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OpenPTK Update…

July 9, 2008

Yesterday, Scott, Derrick and I held our Q3 OpenPTK Meeting. The goal was to discuss the final todo’s around the release of OpenPTK version 1.1. You can view the Meeting Minutes to see what we discussed. Some items discussed of particular importance:

Documentation Wiki
Of interest, we’ve been working on a public wiki that we hope to use for documentation of the 1.1 release. The easy link to remember is:

You’ll see that this redirects you to Sun’s Wiki – Project OpenPTK Site. Feel free to bookmark either. Note that the wiki is still under construction. Feel free to submit any comments you feel would make it easier to use.

Downloads, Code, Issues and Project Info
And as always, we are still keeping Downloads, Code, Issue Tracking and Project Info at Sun’s web site. The easy link to get there will continue to be:

Version 1.1 Release
Although we haven’t finalized the actual date of the version 1.1 release, we’d characterize it as being pending. With this release, we’ll provide a Release Notes Guide with the new features to version 1.1. As the date becomes available, we’ll be sure to send an email to the OpenPTK mailing lists or mention it on one of our blogs.

OpenPTK Mailing List
You ask, “How do I get on the mailing list?” Follow these easy steps:

  1. If you have already, Join Us! (You need to create/have a login)
  2. Click on Mailing List to join one of the mailing lists (announce and users are a couple of good ones).

Thanks and keep the comments coming!


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