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Day 33 – Madison, WI – Rest Day

July 18, 2014

Real quick power blog, as i have 19 minutes until we load the truck.  Sorry for typos.

Yesterday, we had a great day as we took a Trek Factory Tour in Waterloo, WI.  It was a lot of fun, as the entire team went and had a great informal tour with Jason Mountford of Trek.  Got to see the way they fabricate the Trek carbon fiber bikes.  It’s really cool, how they make them in pieces, glue them together, bond/sand them, paint and decal.  Looks really easy, but it’s all the intricacies that makes Trek the bike they are today.

Yesterday was also bike clean day.  You might remember a couple of days ago that I got a tire flat.  Well, it was a sidewall tear, and I put a dollar bill in the tire to help keep the sidewall from tearing more.  It worked.  But I went ahead and switched it out with a new tire.  I also put on my new chain.  So, I am hopefully good for the rest of the ride.

We also got a nice surprise with a visit from Bob Dumke, a 2007 Big Rider, and his wife Barbara.  They brought lots of goodies for the team.  We’ve had several cities where we’ve met previous riders, and it’s really nice to sit and chat about their experience.  At this point, I’m always curious how it is getting back into life after the ride.

Today, we may have our toughest challenge as we have a 95 mile route into the wind down to Garden Prairie, IL.  Oh, our 8th state today in Illinois.  I hope to get a good state line picture.  The next two days, we’ll spend a couple hundred miles getting around Chicago, and we still won’t be done.  We are also starting the first day of 6 days on the road until our next rest day in Ohio.  Hard to think we’ll be in Ohio in a week.

Hard to leave Madison, as it’s been a fun town to be in.

Talk with you in Garden Prairie.


Welcome to the new home of Sigle’s Sideline

May 1, 2008

Welcome to the new home of Sigle’s Sideline (, my place to blog about the little things that touch my life at home or at work.

I’ve recently made a switch in my job from Sun Microsystems to SailPoint Technologies. Although different companies (especially # employees), my focus (Identity Management) will be very similar as it was back at Sun.

I’ll spend a little time in future postings sharing my thoughts around Identity Risk Management, the focus of SailPoint Technologies, and hopefully relate it back to some of the work I did at Sun.

Additionally, I’m still focused (in my nights/weekends) on Project OpenPTK with my buddies Scott Fehrman and Derrick Harcey. We’ve just completed discussions around finalizing version 1.1.0 and futures. We’ll hopefully be blogging about that soon.

If you have interest in reading some of my past blogs, please do so at

As always, just leave a comment if you agree or disagree with anything I say.



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